Hair Replacement

It's all in the name...

Here at Head of Hair, we specialise in Women's and Men's Hair Replacement. Whether you are experiencing hair loss, thinning or balding, Head of Hair are your experts in non-surgical hair replacement in Adelaide. 

Non-surgical hair replacement services

It is a common misconception, that surgical procedures are the only way to achieve a full head of hair. Not only do they tend to be more costly than non-surgical methods, they are invasive and can be uncomfortable too. 

Everyone's hair situation is different, and your needs will differ to others. This is exactly why we take the time to understand your unique needs and your desired look into consideration during your complementary consultation in the comfort of our private salon located in Magill, Adelaide. 

Custom hair systems 

After our initial consultation, your expert stylist will customise your hair piece and tailor it to you. Our range of non-surgical hair replacement solutions include, and are certainly not limited to: 


Custom made, 100% human hair toupees for men are one of the most common methods to conceal baldness. Regardless of your hair colour or type - whether curly, straight, grey, brown or blonde, our stylist will match and tailor your toupee system to seamlessly align with your existing hair. 


During your initial consultation we will also discuss with you aspects of your lifestyle to ensure your toupee and it's maintenance regime fits within that. We either use adhesive hair tape, which typically lasts 2-4 or hair glue, lasting up to 6 weeks. It's important to know what time frame works best for you, as after these respective times pass we will thoroughly clean your your system, and clean your scalp. This not only extends the life time of your system but protects your skin and ensure your comfortability.



Wigs come in many wonderful shapes and sizes to help you feel more like your self again. 

We can offer a large range of genuine human hair wigs as well as wig products to keep your wig in hair flipping condition.  


Hair Tattoos

Often referred to as scalp tattoo or cosmetic hair tattoo, hair tattoos have become a popular option for both men and women in recent years. Another form of non-surgical hair replacement, scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) involves a meticulous process of injecting tiny pigments into the skin of your scalp. Not to fear, commonly compare to regular tattoos, this needle is much, much smaller, and a micro needle is used. 

This budding form or hair regeneration is not only for men, it can be used for another wanting to add volume to thinning areas. We have an expert SMP Artist who specialises in this micro-pigmentation, during your initial consultation, your artist will go through your desired outcome, medical history and all the steps of the process to ensure we make the right assessment and proceed with the correct procedure. 


Your local non-surgical hair replacement specialist, Adelaide


We understand when it comes to women's and men's hair replacement in Adelaide, the outcome isn't the only important matter. Unlike big hair replacement salons, where you'll most likely be sitting in a waiting room with every Tom, Dick and Harry, we can offer full confidentiality in a relaxing private environment.