Men's Hair Replacement


Has hair loss been on your mind? Wondering what to do about it? The perfect head of hair doesn't require painful surgery or itchy toupees. Our expert hair stylists will  use high quality hair systems tailored to your head and your look, for that undetectable, flawless head of hair. 

With over 10 years experience specialising in the hair replacement of men in Adelaide our team can help you perfect that perfect head of hair. 

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Non-surgical hair replacement

Non-surgical replacement, as the name suggest is a non-invasive hair method to achieve a full head of hair.

Our non-surgical methods include:

  • hair pieces

  • toupees 

  • wigs for men

  • tattoos

And rather than going into a busy salon and waiting amongst others, we welcome you to our private hair salon where you are ensured confidentiality.

Men's hair systems

One of the most popular methods of hair replacement here at Head of Hair, are men's hair systems made from quality hair.


A hair replacement system is created using genuine human hair, matched to your hair colour and hand woven onto lace. It is then shaped to match the shape of your head and then adhered to your hear with adhesive and tape. 

Our expert stylists will then cut and style your hair to achieve a natural, undetectable and head turning look. 

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Book your free consultation


We understand it can be a big decision to choose the type of hair solutions you want to commit to. That's exactly why we're offering free hair replacement consultations in a private setting. So what should you expect?

  • An in-depth informal discussion about the look you'd to achieve 

  • A discussion on your personal preferences of hair loss treatment methods

  • Up front pricing of the different systems, so you know what to expect before you decide to commit

Call the team at Head of Hair today to book your free appointment and be one step closer to the confidence you've been dreaming  of. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does a hair system last?

Like most things in life, the better you take care of it the longer it lasts. A system can have a lifespan of 3-6 months with proper maintenance, remember, you are still looking after human hair! You still will require coming back every 3-4 weeks for re-fusion.

What is the best non surgical hair replacement?

Our most popular method is a custom made hair system. These systems feel like your own hair, you can swim in them, shower, and treat them as if it were you own hair.

What is a hair replacement system?

Forget ugly flippant toupees of the old days. A hair replacement system seamlessly covers the hair loss area on your scalp. A hair system is created using real hair woven onto a base. This is then shaped for your head and colour match to your hair colour. We then use glue or tape depending on your needs, and adhere to your scalp.